Casino Shuttle Toronto

For those who enjoy the immersive experience of a physical casino, nothing compares to the excitement of entering an actual gaming venue. The lively atmosphere sounds of slot machines, and in-person interactions create an experience that online casinos try to replicate. Recognizing the draw of these tangible elements, the casino industry is always looking for new ways to improve the traditional casino experience.

One such innovation is luxury shuttle services. The introduction of such services marks a new trend in the casino sector. These services provide an opulent and effortless mode of transportation, doing away with the difficulties of navigating through unknown streets or searching for parking spaces. These shuttles are more than just a means of transport. They are part of the grand casino experience, adding a layer of sophistication and excitement to your visit.

Casino Express Bus

However, not everyone can partake in these offline casino activities, whether due to geographical constraints, health considerations, or personal preferences. In such cases, online casinos emerge as a good alternative, providing a convenient and versatile platform for gaming enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite games. From finding the best platforms to understanding regulatory compliance, resources like Western Standard’s guide to online casinos in Ontario offer valuable insights and updates, ensuring a safe and enjoyable gambling experience.

If you’d like to include travel into your gambling routine, this is the way to go!

Casino Express Bus Schedule

This casino bus is one of the best options for transportation in Toronto. It provides players with all the necessary amenities and stops right in front of the casino. All you have to do is get ready for the game! Plus, the bus will also pick you up at a set time to return you to your destination.


Top 5 Casinos To Visit When In Toronto

To help you get started on your tour, here are the top 5 casinos to visit. Also, you can stay home and try new online casinos, so you don’t risk your health during COVID-19.

Casino Rama

Casino Rama photo

Casino Rama is one of the most exciting resorts for casino lovers. It includes 67 gaming tables and more than 2,200 slot machines. The casino Rama bus will take you to the very entrance, allowing you to enjoy yourself from the beginning. And when you’re looking for something to eat, the Rama resort features a court buffet, lounge, and even a stake restaurant. Additionally, the Toronto to Casino Rama bus is available to all casino players.

📍 Casino Rama Resort, 5899 Rama Rd, Rama, Ontario, L3V 6H6

Caesars Windsor Hotel

Caesars Windsor Hotel photo

With free Wi-Fi across all casino floors, the Ceasars Windsor Hotel is perfect for business people who want to stay active during their vacation. This hotel doesn’t just have slots, poker games, table games. It also features race and sports events to increase gambling energy even more!

📍 Caesars Windsor Logos 4, 377 Riverside Drive East (Hotel, Casino and Valet Entrance: McDougall Ave. and Pitt St.), Windsor, ON, CA N9A 7H7

Niagara Fallsview Resort

Niagara Fallsview Resort photo

What sets the Niagara Fallsview Resort apart is its excellent reward program – Momentum. It allows all individuals who use it to enjoy hotel stays, tickets for special entertainment events, and free play. The resort also includes the usual casino games and features frequent tournaments to test your skills. The Casino Niagara bus from Toronto will transfer any customers for free to many destinations.

📍 6380 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 7X5, Canada

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron photo

The services offered by the Great Blue Heron are of the highest class. Not only does it include live table games and hundreds of slot machines, but it also boasts professional stadium gaming. Get yourself in the center of the action with hundreds of other players and enjoy the buzz of a full-on tournament experience.

📍 21777 Island Rd, Port Perry, ON L9L 1B6, Canada


Woodbine photo

With almost 3,000 slots and more than 250 eTables, Woodbine is a unique place to showcase your gambling skills. Coat checks and non-alcoholic beverages are free, and you could also benefit from several membership plans. When you’re ready to take a break, enjoy some of the great recipes provided by master chefs in one of Woodbine’s restaurants.

📍 555 Rexdale Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 5L1, Canada

Casino Rama Bus From Toronto

This casino shuttle bus will take you to all the best casino locations in the area. It travels from Denver to Black Hawk and Central City and operates 20 hours a day, covering almost any casino near Toronto, especially the most popular ones.

Use the mobile app to purchase tickets or purchase with cash from the bus driver. A roundtrip ticket will cost you C$22.50, while a walk-up cash ticket is C$25.


The casino Rama bus schedule in Toronto has a new timeline. If you are traveling for the first time, it is best to make your way to their very first stop on 5250 North Sheridan Boulevard, Arvada.

From there, you can quickly start your trip. If you are unsure about anything, ask the bus driver or contact the company directly for all additional information.

Arvada Schedule

5250 North Sheridan Boulevard, Arvada, CO 80002

4:30 AM5:15 AM5:20 AM6:15 AM6:25 AM7:15 AMExpress
5:30 AM6:15 AM6:20 AM7:15 AM7:25 AM8:15 AMExpress
6:30 AM7:15 AM7:20 AM8:15 AM8:25 AM9:15 AMExpress
7:30 AM8:15 AM8:20 AM9:15 AM9:25 AM10:15 AMExpress
8:30 AM9:15 AM9:20 AM10:15 AM10:25 AM11:15 AMExpress
9:30 AM10:15 AM10:20 AM11:15 AM11:25 AM12:15 PMExpress
10:30 AM11:15 AM11:20 AM12:15 PM12:25 PM1:15 PMExpress
11:30 AM12:15 PM12:20 PM1:15 PM1:25 PM2:15 PMExpress
12:30 PM1:15 PM1:20 PM2:15 PM2:25 PM3:15 PMExpress
1:30 PM2:15 PM2:20 PM3:15 PM3:25 PM4:15 PMExpress
2:30 PM3:15 PM3:20 PM4:15 PM4:25 PM5:15 PMExpress
3:30 PM4:15 PM4:20 PM5:15 PM5:25 PM6:15 PMExpress
4:30 PM5:15 PM5:20 PM6:15 PM6:25 PM7:15 PMExpress
6:30 PM7:15 PM7:20 PM8:15 PM8:25 PM9:15 PMExpress
8:30 PM9:15 PM9:20 PM10:15 PM10:25 PM11:15 PMExpress
10:30 PM11:15 PM11:20 PM12:15 AM12:25 AM1:15 AMExpress


wearing a mask in a bus

To board the Casino Rama bus from Toronto, you need to have a ticket purchased or enough money to buy one when you walk on. You need to ensure that you are wearing a mask. Remember to keep your distance from others because of the COVID-19 rules.

Free Casino Bus To Niagara Falls From Toronto

It would certainly be a shame not to see Niagara Falls when you’re already in transit to Toronto.

The best way to catch a Niagara falls casino bus from Toronto is to use the Safeway bus service from Fallsview Casino. There are several pickup points to help you get there.

Places Of Departure

The casino bus Toronto to Niagara Falls departs from Fallsview Casino Resort and Casino Niagara and travels in a roundtrip motion.




5:00PM | 5:30PM | 6:00PM | 6:30PM | 7:00PM | 7:30PM | 8:00PM | 8:30PM | 9:00PM | 9:30PM | No Service | No Service | 11:00PM | 11:30PM| 12:00PM| 12:30PM


5:00PM | 5:30PM | 6:00PM | 6:30PM | 7:00PM | 7:30PM | 8:00PM | No Service | No Service | 9:30PM | 10:00PM | 10:30PM

Great Canadian Casino Shuttle

Great Canadian Casino Shuttle

If you’re trying to learn how to get to Niagara Falls from Toronto by casino bus, the Great Canadian Casino Shuttle is another fantastic option for daily trips. They offer a luxury service tailored specifically to people who love casino games.

COVID-19 Update


Because of the current COVID situation, companies have halted all operations, and reservations are not possible. However, shuttle services want to ensure that they will be back to work soon. Catching a casino bus in Toronto will be likely again soon.

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule runs from 6 am to 4 am for all the destinations below. However, for this casino shuttle Toronto, you will need to book a ticket in advance.


  1. Kitchener
  2. Cambridge
  3. Woodstock
  4. London
  5. Waterloo
  6. Morriston
  7. Milton
  8. Mount Forest
  9. Arthur
  10. Fergus
  11. Guelph
  12. St. Thomas
  13. Delhi
  14. Tillsonburg
  15. Simcoe
  16. Hamilton
  17. Brantford
  18. Ingersoll
  19. Ancaster
  20. Stratford

Fallsview Resort Casino Shuttle Service

Fallsview Resort Casino Shuttle

The Fallsview Resort has some of the best offers for its customers. Getting a Fallsview casino bus from Toronto will be possible as soon as there are no more COVID restrictions. If you have any questions, please call the company, and the operators will answer your queries.

Daily Schedule



5:15PM | 5:45PM | 6:15PM | 6:45PM | 7:15PM | 7:45PM | 8:15PM | 8:45PM | 9:15PM | 9:45PM | No Service | No Service | 10:45PM | 11:15PM | 11:45PM | 12:15PM | 12:45PM


5:15PM | 5:45PM | 6:15PM | 6:45PM | 7:15PM | 7:45PM | 8:15PM | No Service | 9:15PM | 9:45PM | 10:15PM | 10:45PM

Pick Up Locations

There are two central pick-up locations:

  1. Fallsview Casino
  2. Casino Niagara

Although rest assured, you could also plan a trip to locations between the two points when you book your tickets.

Casino Vacations Shuttle

Casino Vacations Shuttle

If you’re looking to add sightseeing options to your casino express bus schedule, this vacation shuttle is a perfect choice. You have the opportunity to enjoy boat cruises, musicals, shopping excursions, and holiday celebrations.

Service Costs

Regular bus cards cost between C$15 and C$30, depending on your destination. Excursions range between C$100 and C$130.

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule image

Fallsview Casino

Days ServicedDepartureFallsview Casino Departure
Daily9:15 am
Daily7:20 am2:15pm
Daily10:45 am*5:45 pm
Daily3:40pm10:30 pm
Saturday7:25pm1:45 am

Casino Niagara

Days ServicedDepartureCasino Niagara Departure
Wed & Sun10:45 am*6:00pm


To help you get started, here are some commonly asked questions.

🚌 How Can I Get To A Casino Near Toronto By Bus?

Choose one of the shuttles, as mentioned earlier, bus operators. Each one offers unique features such as amenities or free Wi-Fi to suit your journey.

🚀 What Are Top Casinos Near Toronto?

Some of the best casinos available to Toronto visitors are Casino Rama, the Ceasars Windsor Hotel, the Niagara Fallsview Resort, the Great Blue Heron, and Woodbine. Each one includes fantastic resort features, hundreds of casino games, and top-rated restaurants.

📅 How Often Casino Shuttle Departs?

Each shuttle service is a little different. Typically, you can expect a bus to depart every 15 to 30 minutes.

💸 Is Casino Shuttle Free?

Most casino shuttle buses are free for casino players. If you stay at a casino hotel or resort, you will undoubtedly have free access to the shuttle bus.

🥂 Can I Get Casino Shuttle For A Personal Event?

Yes. Some shuttle bus services offer private rides for special events. Please note, though, that you must schedule in advance.