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    Please tell me where I can find Grant Brown’s article an Unconstitutional Entitlement about maintenance enforcement. It was on your site before this relaunch was announced.

    Thanks Doug
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    Please tell me where I can find Grant Brown’s article an Unconstitutional Entitlement about maintenance enforcement. It was on your site before this relaunch was announced.

    Thanks Doug
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    My son declared death 32 years ago“still alive”

    Kindly publish/circulate this case to help me finding my through your respective media

    My wife was hospitalized for child birth in sajjad Tehran hospital on (23, December 1984) at 1:45 AM, a boy was born, he was healthy as per hospital documents, and the childbirth certificate was issued at that date. (Documents attached)

    After child delivery they sent my wife to the third floor of the hospital and they settled the child in the new born room located in the first floor of the hospital and far from his mother. (Documents attached)

    My wife doctor in charge (Dir. Tabatabaie) presents to mother room, in the same delivery day at 10 AM; discharge the mother from the hospital. They did not bring the child to his mother to feed him. Dir.Tabatabaie recommends keeping the child in the hospital for few days, without any reason. Before the mother left the hospital we went to the newborn room to see him, we face difficulty to meet the child but we met him, he was perfect and he played with his mother fingers.

    The newborn remain in the hospital three days alone but I was visiting him daily and he was healthy and also enquired nurses in that ward everyone told my child healthy.

    In the fourth day, I went to meet the child, at the new born room I met two confused nurses, they told me to wait for the doctor in charge (Mohammad Azgahndi) in his room as he want to talk to me. After a while, the doctor present to the room, he told me that my child was not healthy, he was suffering insufficiency in his heart and brain Your child dies because of this insufficiency (actually this information is against the child documents which singed that the child is normal new born), he add if the child were alive he will remain handicap, he and you will suffer for that forever

    I believed the doctor explanations without any doubt, they did not show me the corpse of the child or any documents for his death or reason of that. They ask me only for child burial but they did not ask me to pay for the three days while my child was in the hospital? He told me that without showing the corpse of the child neither introducing nor documents prove sickness of the child.

    On 1995 and by observing wide range of reports about Childs kidnapping from the hospitals (Documents attached) Iranian newspaper stated the arresting of a young woman kidnapped 70 child’s .As I didn’t saw the corpse of the child so I became doubtful about the case and prosecuted it.

    I raised a case against the hospital in the court; I declared that there is no death documents prove the death of my son.

    The court request the intelligence police investigate the case, I went with the police, we never seen any documents prove the death of the child in the hospital but the hospital manager (Dr.Ansary) request to investigate in the cemetery documents .

    We found that the cemetery issued a notice of death No. 30748 but there is no certificate from the hospital to prove that. Documents attached.

    If we look at this death note which is, we will find the following important information is missing or wrong:

    1. The date of death is not assigned.

    2. The cemetery issued it after 8 days from death announcement by the hospital.

    3. The gender of the child was not assigned.

    4. The mother and father of the child were not assigned.

    5. The manager of the death department did not sign the note.

    6. The name and the signature of the person who handed the corpse were left empty.

    7. It is mention; the reason of death, the child was premature, which is against hospital documents.

    8. The notice was issued for grave No. 39 in tract 93, but cemetery documents ((Documents attached) shows that this grave is also belong for another child ( Saleh abadi) from Mahdeia hospital.

    The court verdict issued to acquit of hospital, the base of verdict was the above mentioned death notice.

    I appealed the first verdict, request grave exhumation and further investigation

    The second court ignored my request, approved the original verdict and closed the case.(Documents attached)

    At the same time I request further investigations for the case from the ministry of health, the ministry depute their inspectors (Dr.Mirhadi) to the hospital, he prepare the below report.

    The report clearly stated that this is a serious case and required serious and repetitive interrogation to the hospital stuff and this is duty of the court.

    I decided to appeal the case from Iran General prosecutor, the prosecutor attached the above ministry of health report by a letter from him, the letter referred to the death note, in which he clearly stated that it might not related to my child, he directed this letter to the head of General inspection association. He requests him to assign one expertise officer to investigate the case. Dr. Reza zadah follow for six month he tried to find the death certificate for the child but he fail, my lawyer ask them for exhumation, again they refused, the case closed permanently. (The letter of the prosecutor is attached).

    If we look the hospital records for wife we can observed we can find that all in the information related to my wife status since admission till leaving the hospital was fully completed and signed. But for my child the most important hospital records including death status (if any) were left empty and not signed by the doctor (documents attached below)

    From the above observations we can conclude that the doctor of the child declare the death of the child only verbally, he did not left any documents or records for the death of the child because he was aware of kidnapping of the child in case the be exposed he will not be accused of issuing fake document.

    The period from 1995-2008

    In this period I wrote couple of letters to the head of Iran judiciary, Medical crime courts, and Iran general prosecutor, request to open the case and further investigations; they did not take any consideration for the request. The case two times published in Iranian newspapers (attached below).

    On 2008

    In this year I wrote a bill to the head of judiciary of Iran after couples of failure trails. On 24, November, 2008, the case forwarded to Tehran the Criminal court.

    The judge, requested the death notice from the cemetery, but the officer of the cemetery made a copy from the original one cut its from down signed and sealed it( It seems that he want to hide the name of the person who issue it before 24 years), he attached this notice with a letter signed by the cemetery management and sent all to the court . When the judge observed the notice, he understood that this is a fake copy and he requests the original. Again the cemetery made another complete copy and sent to the court, the name of the person was ( Mahmud sabagh) . (Both notes attached below).

    By observing these fake documents, the judge immediately requested grave exhumation. As mentioned before and refer to the cemetery documents, grave No. 39 should include a skeleton of two children, but while exhumation we found only one skeleton?

    The picture below shows the skeleton of the child from the exhumation.

    The persons present during the exhumation was from, Kowsar genetic center, forensic medicine organization, cemetery stuff, criminal police, and the compliant. The report of exhumation signed by all parties as attached below.

    The exhumation report mentioned that, by mistake the grave beside grave No. 39 was open and found empty (this indicate that this grave also a fake grave?)

    A samples from the child skeleton was taken by (Kowsar genetic centers) .First time the center fails to identify the DNA from the skeleton, but they informed that the dimension of the skeleton from the exhumation doesn’t match with my child dimension indicated in hospital documents, my son length was 44 cm and head circumference was 34 cm, where the child skeleton length is 50 cm and head circumference 37cm. (Documents attached)

    The forensic medicine confirms that the skeleton from grave No. 39 is not belonging to my child. (The letter of office of forensic medicine is attached).

    The judge in charge sent a letter to the criminal police to bring Dr. Azghandi( my son doctor in charge) to the court for interrogation, in respond clinic( Behgar) where Dr. Azghandi work mentioned; “there is no such a doctor working in our clinic”.

    The police sent another letter to the clinic, they try to hand it to his personal secretary, and she avoids receiving the letter.

    Finally the police sent the request to his home, then he present to the court. Attached is one of the prescriptions with the name of the doctor from the same clinic issued just few days after, the clinic announce that they doesn’t have such a doctor.(Doctor prescription attached)

    When Dr. Azghandi presents to the court, the judge did not interrogate him seriously, the judge told him that I will again request you to come to the court, but he did not do. At same day when the doctor came to the court, the judge order the nurse (Heshmat Chamanosta) to present also to the court, she did not came and no action from the judge?.

    On 2012

    On, March, 2012, the new judge in charge,) sent a letter to Kowsar human genetic research center request new evaluation for the DNA. By chance the sample of the bones was still stored the genetic center for the last three years. At that time was upgraded his test equipment’s. On 5, May, 2012 the center issued a report indicated that the test was successful and there is relationship between my child and skeleton from the grave. (Document attached).

    At this time the I requested to interrogate the hospital staff specially from Dr. Azgahndi , the doctor present to the intelligence police first then to the court, he denied and no serious interrogations or action.

    During my investigation in the cemetery documents, I observed that there was a dead child in the hospital his name ( abu alhasani) he was premature, his corpse was hold in the hospital since one week before the birth day of my son, the hospital sent the corpse to the cemetery in the same day when the cemetery issued the fake note for my son ( that means the corpse of that child was kept in the hospital for 18 days? Whilst the manager of the hospital normally we will not keep any corpse for more than two days .so it is possible that the hospital might kept that corpse and they will show in replace of my child may be they thought I will not recognized him, but at that time I did not request from to see my child corpse. Anyhow after one week when they was sure that I will not come back to the hospital to follow the case, they sent that corpse of that child to the cemetery and buried him in grave No. 38 and issued the fake death notice for my son just in case for future if I will raise a case against them in court and request exhumation they will open the grave one child there I mentioned before which from another hospital and in grave No. 39.( the cemetery records is attached below)

    Recently I publish what is mentioned above to Iran newspaper (attached below) what is mentioned above to Iran newspaper (attached below).

    On 19, June, 2013, the criminal court issued a detail report directed to the “Director of public and revolutionary pros cuter office of Tehran” (The court report is attached below).

    Contact email: , phone (514)298-5533


    Fadhil Hashimi

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    Ugh, useless
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    Original message -

    From: DonaldJ


    Subject: Fwd: Fwd: Follow up.. “Canada torturing two elderly citizens”..

    Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2016 10:17:09 -0500

    Original message -

    From: DonaldJ


    Subject: Fwd: Follow up.. “Canada torturing two elderly citizens”..

    Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2016 10:14:14 -0500

    Follow up letter after sending this letter to you people..

    “Sir or madame.. I was broadsided by the rcmp for disclosing to the

    supreme court where their Winnipeg cleaning house is, and where they

    dispose of people’s corpses they’ve murdered…

    Their hired female judge destroyed me..

    They have been torturing and terrorizing me for five years daily.. and

    attacking our communications..

    I’m a scientist, the next best, and philosopher, same as plato and

    socrates, only better and bigger, and with a greater reach… Read my

    data in “occultrush”, and DonaldJ Youtube, and Deviant Art as

    “Cosmicbrat”.. I AM this species future.. The sciences I know are

    humanity’s very survival..

    Would you kindly remove the restrictions those bullies have placed upon

    my life, and block them from attacking me and my 90’s mum.. They are

    stressing her heart, killing her.. I’m trying to keep her living…"

    This is no way to treat respectable elderly Canadians..

    This is NOT Iraq!.. This is Hell…"

    Follow up letter:

    After sending the above note to you, the RCMP have been leaving their

    torture device in my ear canal ringing constantly on a high pitched

    ring, which is stinging all my teeth 24/7, shredding my eyes, creating

    dark spots and bright flashes in both eyes, and damaging my right ear,

    and stressing my heart making my pulse be 118 beats per minute.. Is

    there a Canadian law that permits the RCMP to destroy an innocent

    Canadian scientist’s eyes ears heart and teeth with torture..? Do you

    happen to know why they are torturing me, and have been daily since Feb

    10 2010..? No one has informed me why they are torturing me.. Is it

    because I reported to the Canadian Supreme Court that I found a cleaner

    house where the RCMP murder people, and found their corpse disposal

    facility..? Plus they continue to terrorize me by following me in

    private vehicles, plus they are tampering with our communications, Net

    and phone, and mail.. Plus their stooge, hired professional pot selling

    bully next door, is constantly invading my property and sheds, picking

    locks, and stealing objects.. Would you people kindly do something to

    pull those demonic monsters off our lives.. Their insanity is

    terrorizing my 90’s mum, killing her.. They don’t have that right..

    What they are doing is totally insane.. Kindly determine why they are

    torturing me.. Kindly stop them from terrorizing and torturing our

    lives.. They are slow-murdering us.. I have it to create the new

    sciences which could generate $700-trillion for Canada,and make Canada

    number one nation in the world.. I have it to create the sciences and

    technologies which could restore this planet’s life support systems..

    Is this hell..?
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    I’m going to go out on a limb here, at the risk that he will try to sue me. But Larry Machula give it a rest! Your crazy rant about your health care is littered all over the internet, and I’m sick of it. You have made a living, stealing from and suing people, and now your comments that identify health care professionals will get your sorry self in trouble. Why don’t you keep your head down and enjoy the rest of your life. Start by mending the fences with your kids who are embarrassed by your ethics and illegal activity. This Web site is for those that have a deep analysis of western standards; your self serving drivel doesn’t meet these standards. For starters try paying your health care bills and stop living off of tax payers of Saskatchewan.
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    I have no old memories of Western Standard. I would love to see some current relevant world news from a Libertarian perspective. A Ron Paul message with a Cenk Uygur edge to it.


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